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My Top 10 Tips for New Content Creators

It's been 10 years since I started creating content online. I've learned a lot about creating content, consistency, monetization, and what really matters to growing an audience. If you're a relatively new content creator - these are all the things I wish I did differently. Enjoy!

The 5 Pillars of Productivity

I categorize all productivity tips, advice, and strategy into 5 containers, or the Pillars of Productivity. When you see this master framework it will give you a simple filter for understanding how to mix and match different tools and tips together.

Approach Each Day with a Hero's Mindset

I've been obsessed with the hero's journey framework the past 10 years and how it applies to daily life. In this episode I cover the essential elements of the hero's journey and how you can approach each day with the mindset of a hero!

My 30 Minute Weekly Preview & Review Plan

Excited to share my weekly planning and review process! Planning with GAP = Goals, Actions, Plan Reviewing with WARP = Wins, Aspirations, Results, Pivots

Use the PARA Method to Organize Your Life

One of my favorite and most useful productivity methods is Tiago Forte's PARA. Here's how I use it to organize my life and work, plus some unique changes I made to make it more personal.

My 10 Year Overnight Success

It's the 4 year anniversary of my YouTube channel, but my creator journey started in 2011 with my first blog. Here's the full story of my 10 year overnight success.

Connect the Dots with Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, a deal site for entreprenuers and creators. He was also employee #30 at Facebook and the first person to hire me in tech. Enjoy this wide ranging conversation!

How Note-Taking Improves Creativity

In 2020 I learned about the Smart Note system of Sonke Ahrens, inspired by the Zettelkasten system of Niklas Luhmann. Here's how it changed the way I consume and create content!

The 10 Rep Rule & Building Mastery

How do you know if you should stick with a habit or let it go? I've found that 10 "reps" is the right amount to get a feel... but nowhere near enough to build mastery. But there is a reliable path to growth 💯 Here's how!

Why I'm Working on 8 week Cycles - An Experiment in Focus

I'm starting 2021 with an ambitious planning goal - to work in 8 week cycles... with 2 of those weeks set aside for buffer and sabbatical rest. Will working less allow me to do just as much, but with increased margin?

10 Productivity Frameworks That Changed My Life

10 Productivity Frameworks and Methods that changed my life and work. Links and resources in the show notes!

How I (Finally) Started Meditating

How do we make time for habits we know will make a big difference, but we just can't find the time to do consistently?

My Favorite Time Management Strategies

How I manage my time and projects with help from Google's 70-20-10 rule and Jim Collins 50-30-20 rule.

Build Lifelong Habits with Simple Systems

In this episode I share a simple 3 step habit loop, the difference between systems and goals, and how you can use both to do more of what matters in 2021.

Bullet Journal Beginner Setup Tips

My top 5 tips for starting and sticking with the bullet journal method.

How to Plan + Achieve Your Goals in 2021

Connect the Dots #3 - Ever get stuck planning your goals? Or how to actually DO the work and create the habits that lead to success? In this episode of Connect the Dots I'll share my system for planning and prioritizing goals in the new year. You'll learn how to make a useful goal list, plan for success, rank goals, and how to get things done like a boss.

How to Conduct an Annual Review

Connect the Dots #2 - Annual reviews can be a little intimidating. Especially in 2020! Everyone is ready to move on to 2021, but there are important lessons from any year that can help you make the new year even better. In this episode I share my favorite tips for effective annual reviews.

New Year Habits & Mindset

Connect the Dots #1 - How do you start a new habit or project you've been putting off for a long time? How do you go from idea to execution? What habits are involved in making progress without being overwhelmed? Those are the questions we tackle on the very first episode of Connect the Dots!

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