The 10 Rep Rule & Building Mastery

How do you know if you should stick with a habit or let it go? I've found that 10 "reps" is the right amount to get a feel... but nowhere near enough to build mastery. But there is a reliable path to growth 💯 Here's how!

The 10 Rep Rule is going to be one the core "philosophies" I'll be known for - just you wait. I've seen over and over in my own life and in other creators there's a different type of "10x Rule" at play. Here it is in the most basic form:
  • 10 reps to get a feel
  • 100 reps to build momentum
  • 1000 reps to mastery
Our minds don't do a great job distinguishing between the beginning, (long) middle, and mountain-top achievements in life-changing work. We normally quit something after a few tries based on how we feel, not the results. Then it's hard to stick with something we like even through the long middle. Gladwell's 10,000 hours to mastery feels like something that can only be achieved by child prodigies - who has that kind of time?!

There's a simple path to follow to the mountain-top of mastery. Trying a new thing 10 times gives you enough quantitative data to pair with your qualitative feelings about if you want to continue. By the time you've done it 100 times there's real momentum and it's a strong habit. Do it 1,000 times and you're well on your way to mastery.

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